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Skin and Hair :
Acne / Pimples / Zits

Acne vulgaris (commonly called acne) is a common skin condition, affecting 85-100% of people at some time during their lives. It is caused by changes in the pilosebaceous units, skin structures consisting of a hair follicle and its associated sebaceous gland via androgen stimulation.


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Asked By : danish3

Asked on : 20 Mar 2013   

i have acne problem please tell me solution

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 12 Dec 2012   

Hi i'm 21yrs old and i suffer from severe acne on the face. Its getting severe.I'm undergoing treatment.The Doc has recommended me Isotroin 20mg. It does not seem to work. I'm very upset with it. I've oily skin too. Wat can i do to get rid of it?

Asked By : Gaurav1987

Asked on : 16 Dec 2012   

I am a 26 years old boy. My skin type is oily. I have problem of acne(since 17 age) especially very severe in winters. They develops under the skin, cysts are formed, and leaves red scars the generally takes months to fade. I feel very bad and losing confidence to interact with people.9 months ago I had taken Allopathic treatment and the doc prescribed me isotretinoin. It worked wonders and cleaned up all pimples and scars in 3 months. but it had side affects . I started losing my hairs and thining . SO i have discontinued it 5 months ago and now my face has become prone to acne again and getting 1-2 pimples weekly...I dont know what to do, I dont want to go back to allopathic treatment. Alos my father had acne problem too always. His face is pitted. Please help me and email me at : gaurav.ait09@gmail.com

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 30 Nov 2012   

Every time i start drinking Supplements ( specially protein shakes ), my body starts growing pimples everywhere . can you please explain why ? and wht would be the best idea to avoid this happening ?

Asked By : sharma84

Asked on : 31 Aug 2012   

hello Dr. , my name is sharma ,i am 29 year old, my problem is i got very bad acne,dark spots,pores on my face .i tried so many products on my face ,but i haven't got any good result,its on my check and chin ,i am suffering with that last from 10 years ,but its going to be scarring day by day .i want to try something homeopathy medicine ,plz suggest me any treatment or medicine ,which is i can got my clear skin back .plz advise me .thx

Asked By : Sanjay_khan

Asked on : 31 May 2012   

Hello Mam,
My name is Sanjay Khan, I am from Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh. I have this problem of Pimples for the past several years now. Just couple of years back due to excess pimples I went for a Laser and Peels treatment. After the treatment there were no pimples, but they resurfaced after 3/4 months. Mainly the pimples come on the Chin area. I tried Over the counter medications, but no use. So, please suggest the remedy for this.
Thank You.
Sanjay Khan.

Asked By : pankpankaj

Asked on : 16 Apr 2012   

I am a software engineer and my age is 26 years.I have a question from Doctors who are skin specialist .Actually I had a pimples on my face(acne) some year back and now they all finished after all the treatments.Recently I don't have any pimples but the scars and grooves appeared on my chick which looks very bad.So I want your suggestion to fill all this grooves of my chicks.Give me reply as soon as possible. on my id kumarpankaj24oct@gmail.com....Thank you

Asked By : jatin111

Asked on : 27 Mar 2012   

I am suffering by acne and dandruff from last 10 years in moderate level. But last 1 year my acne becomes worst. So I started homeopathy treatment for acne and dandruff. I took homeopathy treatment before 2 month for 3 months but I was not seeing expected result as committed by doctor. then I changed the doctor and consult with another homeopath MD. now I am taking this treament from last 2 month, but Sometimes I feel dry my face But suddenly oil comes on face and acne formed. I have oily skin.
Currently I am taking these medicine from last 2 month.

1. calc. sulph 6x (3 times 4 tablet)
2. Echinacea Q (2 times 10 drops with water)
3. calendula Q (2 times, use external on face with water)
4. berberis aqui Q (3 times 10 drops with water)
5. Kali brom (30C) (3 times 5 tablet)

Asked By : continental

Asked on : 08 Feb 2011   

respected dr,
i am 27 years old male single.i am from pakistan.i have acne from past 6 years but from 2 year it is worst then before i uesd hoemo mad like beberies echnicea and other wich given by local doctor.but they does not work much.my health is ok i regular excersise little bit stomuch disoder like gastric but not contipution.i have acne aroun my chekh and forhead some pimple with pain and pus.and scars also.plz help me to solve this.tc



Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 15 Nov 2010   

sir am 17 trs old..earlir i had pimples...nw they r cleared..my face is getting oily and dark..pls suggest me some remedies

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