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Sandal Magic


Posted on Tue, 25 Feb 2014

Sandalwood is a most seen cosmetic ingredient in Indian households. Here are some magic that a small stem of it could do your beauty: 1. Sandalwood has a plethora of powerful antioxidants. It also con...

Deodorants: A Potent Health Hazard


Posted on Tue, 25 Feb 2014

You might have likely to encounter many side-effects of deodorants and body sprays, as they are loaded up with chemicals. Here are some of the harmful contents of a deodorant spray that could make you...

Beauty Tips Using Rose Water


Posted on Mon, 24 Feb 2014

There are many beauty benefits of rose water, here are some of the ways how you can make use of them: 1. Cool a bottle of rose water in the refrigerator for about half an hour. Apply some of the cool ...

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera


Posted on Mon, 24 Feb 2014

If you thought that aloe vera could only cure your skin problems, think again, as there are many health benefits of aloe vera other than just hair and skin:1. Curing ConstipationStomach problems like ...

Five Benefits of Laughter Yoga


Posted on Sat, 22 Feb 2014

When are you stressed and depressed, the best thing that you could do to yourself is laugh as much as you can. Here are five benefits of laughing: 1. If you have a good mood, you can do all the things...

8 Health Benefits of Watermelon


Posted on Sat, 22 Feb 2014

Other than just cooling your body, there are many health benefits of watermelon. Here are some of them: 1. Watermelon contains a high amount of the amino acid called L-citruline. 2. It helps to contro...

Health Benefits Of Guava


Posted on Sat, 22 Feb 2014

Guava is very commonly found fruit and is loaded with health benefits, some of them are listed below, which would force you to buy and eat some guavas right away: 1. Guava is a rich source of Vitamin ...

Health Benefits Of Okra


Posted on Sat, 22 Feb 2014

Have you ever wondered that what are the health benefits of Okra, one of the commonest vegetable that is available in the market? 1. Okra has soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fibers bind to bi...

Health Benefits of Lemon


Posted on Fri, 21 Feb 2014

1. Lemons help to restore the pH of the body as they are acidic in nature. 2. Lemons are a rich source of vitamin C and flavonoids which are known to work against flu and cold. 3. Lemons help to clear...

Health Benefits of Asparagus


Posted on Fri, 21 Feb 2014

Asparagus maybe an expensive vegetable in India, but there are many health benefits that are hidden in this exquisite veggie, that are good for your health: 1. Asparagus has fiber, folate, vitamins A,...

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