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Mental health and addiction :
Sleep Disturbances In Women

Sleep disturbances – like insomnia and sleep eating – are more common among women. Stressors like work and caring for infants, depression, and hormonal problems can cause sleep disturbances.

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1. Whom should a pregnant women consult if she is suffering from sleep problems?

If a specific complaint is disturbing her sleep, she needs to consult a gynaecologist, who may refer her to a sleep specialist if the need arises.

2. Why is it that women are more susceptible to sleep disturbances?

This could be due to the hormonal fluctuations that a women is subjected to in different phases of her life.

3. Have sleeping patterns in women changed over time?

Women play varied roles now. Trying to achieve a right balance could have hampered their sleep schedules.

4. How will sleep deprivation affect a womens life?

Sleep deprivation may interfere with productivity at work and may cause social problems.

5. Can women improve their Sleep efficiency?

Yes, this can be done by strictly adhering to sleep hygiene measures. Irrespective of hormonal fluctuations a regular sleep wake schedule can help achieve good sleep.

6. What are the benefits of good sleep?

A good nights sleep is always refreshing and helps one face the day with ones maximum potential. Besides, women always need their beauty sleep.

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