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Leprosy is a chronic bacterial disease affecting the skin and nerves which causes skin lesions and loss sensitivity to heat and pain. The first symptom of leprosy is often a skin nodule or lesion that is not sensitive to touch, and numbness or loss of sensitivity in the arms or legs. Traditionally, people with leprosy have been stigmatized and separated from other people, but today the disease can be cured.To learn more about the disease and meet people who can help, join our online support group for leprosy.


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1. Is leprosy curable?

Yes, it is curable. Multidrug therapy is used to treat patients with leprosy. It takes about a few months to many years depending upon the patients disease status.

2. Is leprosy contagious?

No, it is not contagious. About 95% of the people have natural immunity against leprosy.

3. Which doctor should be consulted in case of Leprosy?

A general Physician, dermatologist or an Infectious Disease specialist can be consulted

4. Why are the fingers and toes of a patient disfigured?

The bacteria affect the nerve endings and results in loss of sensation. Due to this when they injure themselves they dont feel the pain. The injuries are super infected resulting in loss of tissue and it becomes deformed due to the absorption of the cartilage by the body.

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