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Brain and nervous system :

Leprosy is a chronic bacterial disease affecting the skin and nerves which causes skin lesions and loss sensitivity to heat and pain. The first symptom of leprosy is often a skin nodule or lesion that is not sensitive to touch, and numbness or loss of sensitivity in the arms or legs. Traditionally, people with leprosy have been stigmatized and separated from other people, but today the disease can be cured.To learn more about the disease and meet people who can help, join our online support group for leprosy.


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Anti Leprosy Day Marks A Leap Towards Leprosy - Free India, a Dream of Mahatma Gandhi
Pictorial flipchart on leprosy for Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) has been jointly launched by the WHO Goodwill Ambassador f.....
World Leprosy Day: Let’s Stop Stigma & Discrimination
  • World Leprosy Day is celebrated on 30th January in India and on the la.....
Study Shows How One Gene Contributes to Parkinson's, Crohn's and Leprosy
Mutations in LRRK2 enhance inflammation which could increase the risk of Parkinson's and other brain diseases, stated new study. Their results are pub.....
Health Experts Fear Leprosy Resurgence in Nepal
Health experts in Nepal fear leprosy resurgence in the country with a prevalence rate touching 0.94 percent in 2018.

Leprosy-free status w.....
World Leprosy Day 2019: 60% of World's Leprosy Patients in India
Sixty percent of leprosy patients in the world are in India, said a Japanese philanthropist working to eradicate leprosy in India.


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