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Brain and nervous system :
Headache / Cephalgia

Headache, or cephalgia, is literally an ache in the head. Headaches are a common complaint, and are usually a symptom of other problems – ranging from fatigue, stress, eyestrain, sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, dehydration, and infections, to tumors in the brain. Persistent headaches need to be investigated by a doctor.

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1. Which doctor treats Headache?

A general physician or a neurologist may treat headaches

2. What is an Aura?

It is an assortment of neurological symptoms that precede a headache

3. What are the migraine triggers?

Some of the common triggers are hormonal changes, weather, stress, foods or environmental factors

4. Are alternative therapies effective in controlling headaches?

Some therapies like acupuncture, accupressure and yoga are employed in relieving headaches

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