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Brain and nervous system :
Headache / Cephalgia

Headache, or cephalgia, is literally an ache in the head. Headaches are a common complaint, and are usually a symptom of other problems – ranging from fatigue, stress, eyestrain, sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, dehydration, and infections, to tumors in the brain. Persistent headaches need to be investigated by a doctor.

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Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 29 Oct 2011   

Hello Sir,
My mom have headache once a day.She is taking atenolol OD.Her BP is 140/90mmHg. Her weight is 70 Kg. She had little bit cough sometimes.
Lab test for Diabetes,Thyroid are normal.
Except this she is fine.
so please advice me now what should we do..?

Asked By : marie5

Asked on : 13 Feb 2012   

I do become very angry most of the times and shouting on my kids and my husband, and always forget things even my kids DOB, becoming very lazy and always have headache and spinal cord. I always feel bad of myself and can't remember most things to write.

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 28 Jan 2012   

is regular headache a serious concern?

Asked By : priya123456

Asked on : 19 Dec 2011   

suggest some medicine about headache

Asked By : arvindkr20

Asked on : 16 Feb 2010   

Me and my wife went to a hill station,there my wife cought fever almost every night.when we came back,she was cured by a doctor,but after that vomiting problem started with cough and headache.Fever lasted about 8 days and vomiting is from 4-5 days.can someone tell me that is it normal cough and cold or it might be some major problem of brain which may cought cold?

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