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Brain and nervous system :
Febrile Fits / Febrile Convulsions

Convulsions that occur in children in the age group of 6 months to 5 years are medically termed febrile fits. This excludes those convulsions that are precipitated by infection of the brain tissue or its coverings.

To learn more about febrile fits or febrile convulsions, our support group on the subject is the place to be.


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Asked By : Lolly

Asked on : 14 Jan 2012   

My baby is 2 years old.She severely get vomitting.so we consult a pediatrician.He recomment that admit in hospital and put sterile to my baby.Next day diarrohea was passed continuously and then suffer fits.After 5 hours, she attacked a next fit.He prescribed some medicine.doctor said a CT Scan has to be done and it was normal.After one day, she had fits for third time.Suddenly we change a hospital. Doctor took blood test and EEG.She told potassium was very low nearly 2.5.she prescribed GARDINOL, FRISSIUM.EEG result is "epilepsy discharges".What is the problem to my baby?Is this disease curable.plz help me

Asked By : Bharani286

Asked on : 12 Oct 2011   

Hello Doctor,
My wife had unbearable headache, 72 hours back and was taken to the causality ward in the hospital. They gave her a shot of Ketonov and after about an hour she had a 10% reduction in the pain. She was administered another injection called zofor as she vomited thrice that night. She was later prescribed Gabantin 100 mg for the last 3 days. She was also asked to take Topirol 50 mg morning and night dose. Macorate had been prescribed for sleep but i did not allow her to take it. 72 hours down, headache keeps emerging and the pills are popped. If it was a severe bout of migraine she mustve responed well for the drug but this is hinting something else. Most of the above being epileptic drugs is my wife epileptic? Does she need to go in for regular epileptic treatment? She was on that for 1 and 1/2 yrs , 5 yrs back when she used to have absent seizures ( frequent faintings - 3-5 times per day. MRI revealed lacuna infarct in the brain ( legion in the brain). Kindly help......

Asked By : san82

Asked on : 22 Sep 2011   

sir i am 29 years male. i am eating two tab of EPTOIN 100 mg every day from last ten years. plz tell me what is side effect of this tab.

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