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Brain and nervous system :
Febrile Fits / Febrile Convulsions

Convulsions that occur in children in the age group of 6 months to 5 years are medically termed febrile fits. This excludes those convulsions that are precipitated by infection of the brain tissue or its coverings.

To learn more about febrile fits or febrile convulsions, our support group on the subject is the place to be.


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1. Whom should I approach if the child has fits during episode?

You should approach your Pediatrician for management of the child.

2. Is febrile fits a dangerous condition?

No. Most febrile fits are not dangerous as it is simple, benign febrile fits. Parents need to be reassured a lot and should not fear this condition. Fever management plays an important role

3. Will a child with febrile fits eventually have seizure disorder?

A child with febrile fits has only 1% chance of becoming an epileptic. This risk is similar to that of normal children who do not have febrile fits. The risk is more if the febrile fits is of the atypical type.

4. Will the febrile fits recur?

Usually febrile fits is a one time episode. But if the fits are associated with mild fever or it occurs early in an infant life, chances of recurrences are more.

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