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Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is the abnormal fear or reaction towards any stress which the person can normally handle. A patient is anxious or apprehensive and may show signs like sweating, palpitation, dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, frequent urination, and difficulty in swallowing.

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Need online advice on mental health

Im new to here and can see this isnt really the forum i was looking for however basically i need advice on my own mental health from many people  as im not trully satisfied with my treatment as medication is all many docters seem to offer and would like a semi anon post and oppinion..

I may sound a bit sooky but im only here to say the negative parts of my symptoms, i could say some good things but thats not important to you and not helping me improve my life by removing these bad parts..

I was diagnosed with psycosis a few years ago and a possible bipolar or possible schitsophrenia type syndrome however the docters are uncertain.

I believe i have some major anxiety problems.

I have for many years had a problem with concentrating and a problem with racing thoughts of negativity in my mind.When i am working i can work quite well when i dont have anything bad on my mind, but if there is ,well i can never get it out and i may start talking to myself or drifting off and i feel green inside.

People who know me well know i am capable of being quite good at things but i feel like this negative part of my mind takes hold and ruins everything for me physically, mentally and socially.

It is really hard to control.

I have for many years since a mid teen(even though i was popular in school) had a problem with social skills and often think people are talking about me behind my back even if they were not and think the only things i liked are dangerous things.

When the negative part comes out it i feel suicidal yet have control over it for friends and family reasons.

I have for many years felt like a failure with things like work when i am capable of great work yet i sometimes become mentally retarded for a while and lose my pride as i dont know why this is happening to me.

I have in recent years experiemented with drugs however i was like this before that, but not so extreme.Pot for me was a real nono and it does not make me feel good, extreme paranoia, stimulants or relaxing benzo type drugs were my thing occasionally and mostly in small doses.

I feel mentally stuffed sometimes and just want to be able to work  and have control over what im thinking about and when.

It may sound bad however its not so bad in the last year since ive had a very nice yet brutal girlfriend whos helped me cleanup my act and point in in the right path.

However i now look back at my life with shame sometimes at some mistakes i made when i was in these moods and i still have trouble concentrating.

I have had a serious temper sometimes however its only verbal.

For some reason i dont enjoy many things everyone else likes and i feel fake by trying to make others happy just pretending everythings rosy.

If thats not enough information i can elaborate further.








Posted on : Thursday, September 11, 2008 12:55 PM
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I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression disorders, having the same symptoms that you have described above. I have been taking 90mgs of Cymbalta for nearly a year now. It really helps me focus and clear away confusion.

The one aspect of anxiety that most people fail to understand is why you are the way you are or feel the way you feel. You just know that things aren't right and want to fix them and feel it's impossible to do so. Sometimes those that have helpless and hopeless feelings try tp take control, but all your struggles to gain control back feels pointless. Everything is out of control and you are completely unorganized in your thought process. When you ask people what's wrong all they say is ~ "You're fine" or "Don't obsess"&yourself with these feelings. But anxiety and those obsessive feelings makes you not knowing what's happening to you or going on or even what to do next.
Replied on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 5:46 PM
I can totally sympathize with the situation that you are in. I have been under treatment for depression and anxiety for some time, at times medications make things better and sometimes worse. This makes a steady course of treatment impossible. I’m constantly going through ups and downs.

My mind also usually races along and I used to think it was normal to have anywhere from 2 to 5 streams of thoughts/ideas running in my head at the same time, they turn out that is far from normal.

Unlike you, I had a very unhappy childhood, so much that I have blocked out most of it from my mind. Recently I was in a conference room waiting for the meeting to start when one of the women I work with mentioned that she just ran into her 4th grade teacher, I didn’t speak up but felt so much out of place when I realized I didn't even remember going to 4th grade, had a few minor memories (none good) of Kindergarten, but for the most part my memories begin, though slowly, from the 6th grade.

I only mentioned this because as I watched my daughter grow up thoughts of anger and resentment that I didn’t even know my teacher existed bubbled up to the surface. I never took them out on her, the worst thing I have ever done to her was a “time out. But I did struggle for years with anger issues, my wife got the worst end of it. Even though I have never hit her, (I’m just not a violent guy) but I wasn’t a good husband for several years, though even through the worst of it I was at least an OK dad.

Medication didn’t seem to help but my Psychiatrist finally talked me into seeing a therapist, something I was more than a bit embarrassed to do. But she has helped me, even though I still have more than a few issues, my temper/anger is very much under control.

It is great that you have friends and family to help you deal with your suicidal thoughts. I used to think of that on a daily basis, and used to carry a razor blade in my wallet so that I would always have that option close at hand, this was something for years I dealt with alone. You have something I didn’t friends and a family willing to support you. Please give them that opportunity, they won’t look at as a burden, but as a blessing.

One of the main reasons I have difficulty (besides being shy) is that I worry about what people secretly think about me, or say to others behind my back, I wish I had some great advise to help me deal with that. Trust the few friends you have, know that your family loves you, and believe me that puts you so much further ahead than most folks out there.

And as far as faking your way through things I feel that I fake my way through my entire life.

I really need to do some actual work. Hope we can correspond in the future.
Replied on Friday, August 21, 2009 12:40 PM
Sounds like finding the right medication for you hasn't been easy. Try talking to your doctor to get a list of or referred to some community support programs. Counsellors can help you find ways to deal with the challenging issues in your life. They can work with you with just about anything in your life; anything from relaxation techniques to rewarding yourself. Positive effort and medication can sometimes take the edge off, but you need to be happy with how effective you will live your life. Do one thing at a time, write things down if forget(like me), and most important of all keep as much busy as possible to distract your wandering mind.
Replied on Friday, January 8, 2010 11:52 AM

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