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Posted By :   Guest   on  Thu, 19 Jan 2006
Thank you! It's about time! I've been waiting for 25 years to hope for a cure for diabetes!
Under :  Diabetes May Be Cured In 10 Days
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Posted By :   Guest   on  Thu, 19 Jan 2006
generation should be aware of all this
Under :  HIV positive man deliberately had unprotected sex
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Posted By :   Guest   on  Thu, 19 Jan 2006
Under :  Are pretty faces associated with positive trait?
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Posted By :   medindia   on  Tue, 17 Jan 2006
A 39-year-old liver donor of Indian origin has died in Singapore a few days after the operation, and this will be probed by a coroner's inquiry. The donor is re...
Under :  Liver Donor Dies After Operation
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Posted By :   Guest   on  Mon, 16 Jan 2006
Interesting information!I am keenly interested in the links-"AIDS awareness info" related to Barber shops.
Under :  HIV/AIDS Awareness Info through Barber Shops, Salons
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Posted By :   Guest   on  Mon, 16 Jan 2006
You should be careful to spell the name of the country you are reporting on correctly. It is Colombia, not Columbia.
Under :  Clergy blasts councilman's required-condom plan
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