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Vertigo is a balance disorder that causes a sensation of spinning or dizziness when a person is actually stationary. It can lead to nausea, and in severe cases, problems in standing and walking.

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1. How is Vertigo produced?

Calcium carbonate crystals are normally attached to a membrane in the center of the inner ear. These crystals can break off for various reasons and migrate into a semicircular canal. Then, when the head position is changed, the crystals shift and abnormally stimulate the nerve sensors of the semicircular canal, creating a sensation of movement.

2. What is the cause for positional Vertigo?

It is a complication of the aging process, but can also be brought about by an injury to the head or by a disease process like the flu or other viral illness.

3. Which doctor should I visit if I have Vertigo?

You can visit an ENT specialist.

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