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Dental Health :
Tongue Abnormalities / Developmental Disturbances of the Tongue

Glossoptosis is a medical condition and abnormality which refers to the downward displacement or retraction of the tongue.


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1. My tongue burns whenever I take chilli-hot food. What is the cause and treatment of this problem?

Burning sensation on the tongue could be due to some drugs commonly taken for diabetes and hypertension. More often, it is a result of sloughing away of the epithelial lining of the tongue. If this is the case, you should avoid taking chilli-hot food till it regenerates.

2. My son has a lisp when he speaks and I have noticed that his tongue has limited movement. What should be done?

The boy is suffering from a condition called Ankyloglossia, more commonly tongue-tie. A simple surgical procedure should take care of the problem. Please consult your doctor as well as an oral surgeon for the needful

3. I have just recovered from a bout of malaria and find that food does not taste the same. What should I do?

The loss of taste is temporary and has come about because of the strong drugs that you have taken. The tongue will recover over time and the taste apparatus should be all right in a fortnights time.

4. I have a large tongue. What are the chances of getting it surgically reduced?

A large tongue develops primarily due to hormonal disturbances. Make sure that this is not the case before opting for surgery. Otherwise the chances of surgical reduction are excellent.

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