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Heart, Blood and Circulatory System :

Thalassemia comes from the Greek word "thalassemia" which means "anemia by-the-sea." The name thalassemia was coined at the University of Rochester in upstate New York by the Nobel Prize-winning pathologist George Whipple and the professor of pediatrics William Bradford from the Greek thalassa for sea and -emia meaning the blood. Thalassemia was first described by Cooley and Lee in 1925. Most of t ... Read More


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Drug for Blood Disorder can be Used to Treat Breast Cancer
An FDA drug approved for myelodysplastic syndrome may be useful to treat triple-negative breast cancer, which is one of the most aggressive and lethal.....
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More Than 40 Percent of Prostate Biopsies Could be Avoided With New Blood Test
New blood test IsoPSA could help avoid more than 40% of prostate biopsies. The findings of the study were presented during a special press conference .....

Thalassemia - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Future Therapies
Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder passed on through parental genes causing the body to produce abnormal hemoglobin... Read More

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