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Brain and nervous system :
Neurocysticercosis / Cysticercosis of Brain

Neurocysticercosis happens when the eggs of the tapeworm are ingested (usually through poorly cooked meat) and infect the central nervous system and the brain. Neurocysticercosis is a common cause of epilepsy and seizures in developing nations.

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1. Which doctor should be consulted if I have Neurocystcercosis?

A neurologist should be consulted.

2. How can I get cysticercosis infection?

It occurs due to accidental swallowing of pork tapeworm eggs. Tapeworm eggs are normally passed during the bowel movement of a person who is infected. If this infected material contaminates drinking water or food it can be consumed and this can lead to infection with the pork tapeworm.

3. What is auto-infection with pork tapeworm?

If a person who is infected with this worm puts contaminated fingers in the mouth they can re-infect themselves with the parasite.

4. What happen when I get infected with pork tapeworm?

Once the infected material is swallowed, the egg hatches when it encounters the acids of the stomach. The larva then penetrates the intestine, and takes the route of the blood vessels to develop into cysticerci in the muscles, brain, or eyes.

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