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Brain and nervous system :
Nervous Tic / Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia, defined as an "acute, severe, intermittent pain that radiates along a nerve", is one of the most painful nervous system disorders that affect the face.

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Diagnosis of Facial Pain with Graded Chronic Pain Scale
An electronic referral system to speed up diagnosis and treatment of facial pain has been identified by a research team at the Newcastle University.
Alex Lewis Regains Face After Losing His Limbs and Lips to a Deadly Infection
Alex Lewis has managed to beat a rare flesh-eating infection and regain his lips after losing it to the disease. This escape from death has come at a .....
Key Step Towards a Computer Model That Predicts the Outcome of Eye Diseases
Newly developed computer model of the retina by a team of researchers is an important step that can help predict the outcome of retinal diseases.
The Eyes may Not Function Fully During Absence Seizures – Here’s Why
The eyes are not fully functional during absence seizures as the visual cortex is in a significantly less active state during absence seizures comp.....
Facebook Fix: You can 'Open' Your Closed Eyes in Pictures
Facebook photo feature could be an eye-opener indeed. It can now help you “open” your eyes in pictures you had them closed in.

With retouch.....

Nervous Tic | Trigeminal Neuralgia - History, Pathogenesis, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment
Trigeminal Neuralgia or tic douloureux is one of the most painful nervous system disorders that affect the face.. Read More
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About Shingles
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Face Pain | Pain in the Face - Symptom Evaluation
Face pain is an intense or dull and throbbing or stabbing pain felt in any part of the face. Face pain may occur due to infection, injury or a neurological cause... Read More

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