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Infectious Diseases :
Measles / Rubeola

Measles is an infectious disease of the respiratory system with fever, cough, sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes, and generalized skin rash. Because it is caused by a virus, there is no treatment for measles except rest and plenty of fluids.

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Measles Complications: Fresh Insights
Complications of measles were found to include hepatitis, appendicitis, and viral meningitis, warned doctors in the journal BMJ Case Reports.
Samoa Ends Emergency State Over Measles Epidemic
Infection rate from a measles outbreak that has swept the country started to come under control in Samoa.

Samoa, the south pacific nation h.....
Measles Infection Makes Us Vulnerable to Other Diseases
Measles virus removes part of the immune system's memory, deleting previous immunity to other infections in both humans and ferrets, according to a te.....
Measles Outbreaks in Texas
Texas cities are increasingly susceptible to large measles outbreaks, revealed study. The growing number of children arriving at Texas schools unvacci.....
Key Areas of Measles Virus Polymerase to Target for Antiviral Drug Development Discovered
Targeting specific areas of the measles virus polymerase was found to fight the measles virus and be used as an approach to developing new antiviral d.....

Measles | Rubeola - Causes, Symptoms, Complications, Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention
Measles is a viral infection with symptoms of fever,and rashes. Measles is prevented by vaccination and staying away from the infected individuals... Read More

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