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Heart, Blood and Circulatory System :
Heart Attack

A heart attack happens when blood flow to part of the heart is disrupted, causing heart muscle in that area to begin to die. Heart attacks are usually caused by coronary artery disease which makes fatty deposits called plaque build up inside the arteries of the heart.

Join our support group for heart attacks to learn more by meeting doctors and other patients with heart disease who can help.


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New Hope: Anemia Treating Drugs May Improve Recovery after a Heart Attack
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Tue, 28 Aug 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  85
Diabetes Drug May Reduce Heart Disease Risk
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Tue, 28 Aug 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  78
PET Scan Can Detect Protein Clump in Heart Failure
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Mon, 14 May 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  125
New Link Between Gut Bacteria and Heart Disease Identified
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Fri, 04 May 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  137
Acute Heart Failure Can be Treated by a New Minimally Invasive Procedure
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Wed, 02 May 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  133
Bioactive Molecule may Protect Against Congestive Heart Failure After Heart Attacks
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Wed, 02 May 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  108
Noise From Trains, Planes, Trucks Can Cause Heart Disease
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Wed, 02 May 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  109
Heart Disease can be Treated by Controlling the Accumulation of Ceramides
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Wed, 02 May 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  84
Girls Who Menstruate Before Age 12 at Risk of Heart Disease
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Wed, 02 May 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  68
World's Smallest Pacemaker Implanted at a Hospital in Mumbai
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Tue, 08 Aug 2017
Posts :  1    Views:  290
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Increases In Patients With Sepsis Or Pneumonia After Hospital Admission
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Fri, 04 Aug 2017
Posts :  2    Views:  316
World Heart Day 2013
Last posted by :   TemplatesSTORE   on  Mon, 30 Sep 2013
Posts :  2    Views:  823
Exercise may Help Repair Heart Damage
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Tue, 04 Dec 2012
Posts :  1    Views:  987
Treatment Of Severe Heart Attacks Using Regional Care Systems Improve Survival Rates
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Tue, 05 Jun 2012
Posts :  1    Views:  1241
Heart Attack Survivors Dwelling Close to Major Roadways Face Higher Death Risks
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Mon, 21 May 2012
Posts :  1    Views:  1074

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