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Genetic and Metabolic :
Genetics of Male Infertility

Due to the rapid strides that medicine has made in the recent past, assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have make it possible for many infertile men with severe male factor infertility to father children. 

If you and your partner are facing difficulties in this respect, don’t lose hope. Face the pressures, share your experiences and gain valuable advice from specialists in the field at this support group for male infertility.


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Old Sperm Could Produce Healthy Offspring: Here’s How
Sperm that lives for longer before fertilizing an egg (old sperm ) can produce healthier offspring, reports a new study.

Sperm that lives .....
Mechanism of Sperm Production Could Help Treat Infertility
  • Sperms are continually produced in men due to the presence of a special cell type called.....
High Sperm Concentrations in Men Who Had Smoked Marijuana
Higher concentrations of sperm are observed in men who had smoked marijuana at some point in life compared to those who have never smoked pot, reveals.....
Breakthrough Study in Understanding Male Infertility
RBMXL2 gene’s role which is very similar to a possible infertility gene found on the Y chromosome present only in men has been discovered by Newcastle.....
Poor Sperm Quality Causes Recurrent Miscarriages
Poor quality of a man’s sperm is linked to multiple miscarriages in women, reveals a recent research. The sperm quality of fifty men whose partners s.....

Testicular Biopsy - Types, Procedure, Precautions, Risks & Results
In a testicular biopsy, a small bit of testicular tissue is removed from the testes and examined microscopically for any evidence of disease... Read More
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - Introduction To Infertility and Reproduction
Encyclopedia section of medindia gives a brief introduction to infertility and reproduction.. Read More

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