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Infectious Diseases :
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue disorder, or the ‘yuppie flu’ is a disorder characterized by extreme fatigue, not resolved by bed rest. The condition can be aggravated by mental or physical activity. Persons suffering from CFS exhibit a substantially lower level of functionality when compared to their counterparts.

Triggered by modern lifestyles that make constant demands on our time and energy, the chronic fatigue syndrome has become more common in recent times. Guard yourself and stay energized. Learn how at this support group.


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1. Which doctor is to be consulted for CFS?

It is very important for CFS patients to seek treatment with a doctor who is familiar with the disorder. An initial consultation with the family doctor or general physician can raise suspicion of CFS. Further recommendation or consultation can then be based on the underlying symptoms and the severity.

2. Does CFS affect women more than men?

Based on available data, it has been found that the condition is two or more times pronounced in women, as compared to men. However it is not clear if the trend is due to increased susceptibility of women to CFS or due to under reporting of similar symptoms by men.

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