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Heart, Blood and Circulatory System :
Blood Group

The ABO blood group system was discovered by Karl Land Steiner in 1901. This system has classified blood into different types, based on the red blood cells (erythrocytes) and the proteins on their surface. Of the various types of red blood cell antigens - the ABO and rhesus types are the most important.

For all the information you require on blood groups and their newest subdivisions, our support group is where you will find it!


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"Connshing Syndrome" : New Cause of High Blood Pressure
A new cause of high blood pressure has been identified. Research led by scientists at the University of Birmingham suggests that this could lead to ma.....
New Role of White Blood Cells Identified : Maintains Heart Rhythm, Protects Heart
A new role has been identified for macrophages. Macrophages are white blood cells that help in preventing infections by fighting pathogen, they remove.....
Novel Blood Test Allows Quicker, Precise Therapy of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
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Electroacupuncture Regulates Blood Sugar Levels in Obese Women
  • Electroacupuncture has been found to improve blood sugar regulation in obese women wh.....
Blood Donors Rise By Over 6 Percent In China
In 2016, China recorded 14 million blood donations. The country's health watchdog announced that there has been a rise of about 6.1 percent from last .....

Bombay Blood Group
Bombay blood group is a rare blood type in which the people have an H antigen deficiency. They can receive or donate blood only with other individuals with the same blood group... Read More
Blood Type / Blood Group
Blood type or blood group is the classification of blood based on antigens on surface of RBCs. Four main blood types/groups - A, B, AB, O. Cross matching tests compatibility of the donor, recipient blood... Read More
Blood Group Diet
What is right diet for you may be the wrong one for another. The diet that suits you will depend on your blood type. This diet is called the blood group diet... Read More

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