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Heart, Blood and Circulatory System :
Blood Donation

A noble gesture to help a fellow human being, blood donation is carried out when a person voluntarily agrees for blood to be drawn with the intention of donating it. This donated blood may be used for transfusions or may be separated into individual components to be used as required.

If you have any concerns on the procedural safety of blood donation, or would like to share your experience with others, join our support group for the same!


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Better Communication, Education Encourages Blood Donation Among Minorities
Better communication and community education are essential for increasing levels of blood donation among minorities, reports a new study.

Blood Donation Programs Help Reveal Life Threatening Genetic Cholesterol Condition
Blood donation programs were found to help identify donors with the often undiagnosed genetic disorder familial hypercholesterolemia, which results in.....
Twitter India Launches Blood Donation Initiative
Twitter India has launched a new social initiative called #BloodMatters to create more awareness and bridge the demand-supply gap for blood units in I.....
World Blood Donor Day 2017: 6 Myths About Blood Donation
Blood is a precious resource. Researches have not been successful in finding a suitable alternative to blood, as "Blood is the elixir of life". This i.....
Facts To Be Kept In Mind Before, After Blood Donation
Every year, the World Blood Donor day is celebrated on June 14. The theme for this year 'Give Blood, Give Now, and Give Often' emphasizes on th.....

Blood Donation - Overview
Blood donation is carried out when a person voluntarily agrees for blood to be drawn with the intention of donating it... Read More
Blood Donation: Foods to Eat Before and After Donating Blood
Donating blood is a life-saving act. Consider increasing your iron intake before and after you donate blood. Read the article to know what kind of foods and liquids you need to consume and avoid before and after donating blood... Read More

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