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Mental health and addiction :

Agoraphobia is a common phobia or 'anxiety disorder' characterised by an irrational fear of being in places away from familiar settings.

Learn more on the symptoms of agoraphobia, possible treatment options, and also of famous individuals who are its victims! Sign up for this support group today!


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1. Which doctor do I need to consult?

It would be necessary to consult a Psychiatrist.

2. What are the causes of Agoraphobia?

There is no known definitive cause for Agoraphobia. There are many theories that suggest that it could be caused due to of a number of physical and environmental factors.

3. Are there any specific tests for Agoraphobia?

No, the doctor makes the diagnosis solely on the information given by the patient. The doctor would make the diagnosis after carefully evaluating the patient to make sure there are no signs of other mental or physical disorders.

4. Can a person suffer from agoraphobia without having any history of panic attacks?

Yes. About 10% of people with agoraphobia do not experience panic attacks.

5. Are parents any way responsible in making a child more prone to agoraphobia?

There are no conclusive results, but many studies suggest that some individuals who suffer from panic disorder and agoraphobia have had a history of overprotective families.

6. What is the course of Agoraphobia with treatment?

The prognosis is actually very good, with proper medication and psychotherapy, 90% of patients will find significant improvement in their symptoms and condition.

7. How does one lower the risk of becoming agoraphobic?

Generally it may not be possible to prevent agoraphobia.

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