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Energy drinks contribute to diabetes


Posted on Mon, 25 Apr 2011

Come exam-time and students get up to all kinds of gimmicks to improve concentration; study for longer hours and increase stamina or energy to study. Many students resort to energy drinks for late nig...

Don’t Gym and be Slim


Posted on Mon, 25 Apr 2011

When you are a working woman, wife, mom and home maker, all rolled into one, you would possibly have very little ‘me’ time. This means you would have no time at all for any personal good that you may ...

Tattoos are bad for healthy skin


Posted on Sun, 24 Apr 2011

A tattoo may be a work of art; it may symbolize a belief, or simply youth and the fact that one is ‘clued in’ with the times. But tattoo lovers and youngsters aiming to be tattooed, had better be fore...

Fasting and Feasting during Navaratras


Posted on Sun, 10 Apr 2011

Today is Maha Navami, the ninth day of the auspicious navaratras. Going by the recommended dietary items permitted during the fast, losing weight can pose a real challenge, unless one is particularly ...

Cute Puppy eating Foul Stools?


Posted on Sun, 10 Apr 2011

Many of my acquaintances, who are animal lovers, become exasperated and disgusted with their objects of affection, once they bring them home. Life with a pet can turn nasty when an owner discovers it ...

Now Superbug in Delhi’s Water, not Hospitals


Posted on Thu, 07 Apr 2011

It is summer and time for bacterial infections to spread in the Indian subcontinent. Delhiites are especially wary, as a new study says that potable water used for drinking and cooking may contain the...

Listen to the Call of Anna Hazare


Posted on Wed, 06 Apr 2011

The clean Gandhian aroma of ethics, morality and ‘Satyameva Jayate’ hangs in the air at Jantar Mantar where Anna Hazare has begun his fast unto death. He is, undoubtedly today’s Gandhi, fighting again...

Why does Sai Baba Need Doctors?


Posted on Wed, 06 Apr 2011

Nothing amuses and astonishes skeptics more than the bizarre relationships they witness between godmen and doctors. The most famous godman in our present-day world, Sri Sathya Sai Baba was hospitalize...

An Eating Disorder called Pica


Posted on Mon, 04 Apr 2011

In my childhood days, I was friends with a girl in the neighbourhood who would secretly nibble on ash chips from the small mud ‘choolah’ in her backyard. She would encourage me to taste some of the as...

Is your child weak and lethargic?


Posted on Thu, 31 Mar 2011

My cousin spent her entire childhood and growing-up years in a house built by my grandfather in 1937. That house was re-painted every three years until her family moved to a flat, where they used a ca...

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