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Why does Sai Baba Need Doctors?

Posted by Lakshmi Gopal on Wed, 06 Apr 2011         
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Nothing amuses and astonishes skeptics more than the bizarre relationships they witness between godmen and doctors. The most famous godman in our present-day world, Sri Sathya Sai Baba was hospitalized on March 28 with a lung infection. The latest news on his condition is that his kidneys have failed and he is on ventilator support at Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh.The godman to whom millions turned for cures, miracles and blessings is unable to cure himself and is undergoing a very normal, human p... Read More
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8 Comment(s)


28 Apr 11
4:40 AM

So Guru , Sadhu and Sastra can only reveal who is GOD. This is no attempt to disgrace or offend millions of sincere hearts who had or rather have so much reverence for Sri Satya Sai Baba and who are bewildered by his many miracles that they cannot consider him other than GOD...... If 2 X 2 is claimed as 5 and to tell them ...sorry... it is 4 is not an offence or cruelty.....in fact .. it is a sincere gesture to correct them and protect them from ignorance..... Insignificant but true Shyam Balakrishnan.


28 Apr 11
4:33 AM

No body becomes GOd becoz GOD is already GOD . GOD does not become GOD by acquiring Yoga Sidhi or by being meek , humble, philanthropic , preacher, charitable or by showing miracles. People in general do not know GOD or His opulence and therefore become candidate for being cheated. Any extra ordinary experience they receive makes them feel the source as divine...If a person who posses extra ordinary powers and claims that he is servant of GOD then he is actually speaking the truth , because all powers that one may display or exhibit belongs to GOD himself . One may be empowered by GOD for exhibiting miracles, but that does not entail one as GOD. The power is always temporary and dependent on the Lords mercy. He may anytime by His own sweet will grant or remove such powers . Sri Satya Sai Baba may be a saintly person but he is under the subjugation of material nature. In Bhagavad Gita the Lord says "Daivi hi esa guna mayi mama maya duratyaya... "This material nature of mine is divine and no body can overcome it..... Satya Sai Baba"s body was material and his body was subjected to deterioration, clearly confirms that he carried a material body like any other created beings. One may respect a person for his activities and qualities but to consider him GOD is an offence to GOD becoz GoD is not subject to material laws of birth death old age and disease and He is not so cheap.. In Satya Sai Baba's life all this material conditions were evident . His death was like any ordinary human being. If one wants to know GOD , one has to diligently seek proper authority and vedic texts . Only Sri Krishna is GOD , because all vedic texts, Gurus, acharyas and sadhus confirm this. Its high time that people who claim as human beings understand the position of GOD by proper scrutiny and authority before they refer beings of yoga siddhis as GOD. GOD is not a matter of choice or sentiment . He pervades everything . For this matter even Brahma the highest living entity who created this entire material universe is a mortal being , so what to talk of sri satya sai baba ...People have to come to their senses.... they have no discretion of GOd and conditioned beings. How ridiculous it is to consider someone as GOD on their strength of yoga siddhi. One should read Sri Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam to understand the mysteries of GOD philosophy and GOD personality. not only shoud they read but should also ensure that they read the subject matter from a pure devotee/ bonafide authority ... People who do not have proper access to bonafide authority will get cheated and the moment they become candidate to be cheated they will find a cheater ...n many such Satya Sai Baba will come into their life and present themselves as GOD. A saintly person is he who inspite of all powers claims himself as an insignificant servant of GOD. Moreover if God advents as a human being for conducting leela , it will be confirmed in the Vedic scriptures. So Guru , Sadhu and Sa


25 Apr 11
3:28 PM

Excellent article….I am a person with science background can tell you that with the help of Science we try to understand how nature works around us. We cannot create even tinies atom or human cells the way they exist in nature. Also our human brain cannot understand the nature in entirety we do not know exactly where the earth is in the universe. We do not know even .1% about the universe. But it does not mean that it does not exist. Earth’s place in solar system, life on earth all of these things are still mystery to us. How did life evolved on earth what is DNA how did it came into existence so on and so forth. There is no doubt in my mind that everything we see around us did not happen by itself and there is a creator. But thinking that creator is a human looks like human or reincarnates as human is totally unscientific. Who so ever declares himself as a GOD is a big statement and should not be believed. I believe that we human in search of real GOD want to see him in one or another form as a human. Even if GOD exists then he definitely is not human universe is his creation and he does not have to be within his creation space or time…we are just part of the great evolution which is going on for millions of years and the fact is that we were never here in the present form and will never be here in present form ever. Even if there is another birth or reincarnation there is no use of it because I do not know where I was for the last 14 billion years since the universe was formed and I do not know where I am going to be after my death. Even if God exists he has already created laws for this physical world to operate and he does not interfere with any of his laws the way nature operate. Looking at his creation all around us we know that he exists and he does not have to come as human with some magical powers to prove that he is here. And if he really has to come and show us then he does not have to take birth and be here for 0-100 years and do some magic tricks to prove he is really the GOD… So Please stop believing in Human Gods. Its not GOD who sends them its we who create them.


24 Apr 11
2:41 AM

We speak of things and subjects on which we have limited knowledge. Many times we speak of GITA/KORAN/BIBLE without having even studied at these sacred texts and being ignorance on spirituality.Added to it, spirituality is also based on science only that we have yet to find out its secrets as like all other discoveries and inventions. At the present age Science has not been to able to answer it may be it could do it in later time. Satya Sai baba was a human being but is a very highly divine person. To many the definition of God is serving people and by the very meaning of it, scientists,the discoverers of penicillin, vaccines and medicines that saves human lives are also God. A true spiritual person will understand the true spiritual and human values like Satya Sai Baba taught us, SATYA, DHARMA, SHANTI, PREMA, AHIMSA. Sprituality is an experience and it cannot be proved as per scientific laws as of now a very similar in context that Science has no all controlling a meaning as per spiritual laws.A true Scientist combined with true spiritual knowledge and experience can give a real answer to these kind of debates. As far as it has been tried out, Science has always won the logic but not the human soul.Thanks and regards, RR


22 Apr 11
1:11 AM

My belief is that Great souls too need to complete their Karma on this Earth after being born and physical body illnesses ensure they negate all bad karmas experienced in this birth without the need to re-incarnate again, unlike other normal human beings who can carry the karmas to next lives. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa & Ramana Maharshi too had cancer for the same reason but these Great People are too advanced in their spiritual thinking to worry about physical ailments. (Just my belief)


07 Apr 11
7:40 AM

Hi, I am a Physician in USA and my few uncles, Aunts and even my Mother is a hardcore devotee where as I am neo Atheist in such I believe in my own Karma and not the miracles of GOD or GOD’s so-called AVATARs . One of Man’s greatest invention is Religion to scare people and control people and to put this new found sect in order, Gods were created. As a whole, religion is the biggest and thriving business in the world ( more or like Tax free business). In my opinion, Human is another animal with common sense and we are all part of the Evolution. Religion ( if any) should be a self discipline and way of life and not wasting some one’s time and resource. ( My Heart Boils to see every time I see bottles of milk poured on Idols when millions of children round the world have no milk to drink . Is Sai baba sage is going to open the eyes of many, I guess not as another version ( third baba) will come out some where in India and all will flock to him and yet another new chapter. You and me cannot change the world over night but slow and steady education may one day open the eyes of those “ Highly Educated Morons” who drain millions of Dollars on these Pseudo swamis. Victor Ram Basha


06 Apr 11
3:24 PM



06 Apr 11
10:42 AM

Its a very good article. It has a deep insight on the issue.

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