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Wives having fun!

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Sun, 06 Feb 2011         
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We live in an age of extreme liberation where porn has openly hit the dusty lanes and by lanes of India and woman today do not hesitate to experiment with their sex lives. The current trend of the season is ‘infidelity of the wives’. This is a syndrome where the husbands are broad minded enough to accept their wife’s boyfriend.  WOMEN’S TURNGlobalisation has given rise to an adventurous outlook towards sex. Women today have come out of the four walls of the house not only to go out for work, but... Read More
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4 Comment(s)


22 Apr 12
7:20 AM

Ya I fully agreed with the idea of freedom to the women, now the days has gone where only the man enjoys his life and having fun with more than one women, then why can't women do the same, if a women wants to have some fun out of the marriage boundaries the husband should allow this to her with the mutual understanding there is no harm to anybody one should not make a taboo of this they also got the passion desire and feelings women after all there should be a legal way to understand this phenomena.


09 Feb 11
8:28 AM

I sometimes wonder how you come up with such out of the box ideas. It is amazing and I feel you are quite a rebel in your way.

Lachmi Deb Roy

09 Feb 11
8:08 AM

Ari2011 first read all the blogs written by me and then post your useless comments. I have written blogs for medindia on parenting, food, relationship, fitness, yoga, office fitness from various angles. And I am not answerable to you about what I write on. Every story I write has to have a health angle and this is what exactly I am doing. So I repeat get your facts correct before posting your comments. Just the fact that you want to see your comments on net does not make sense.


09 Feb 11
6:07 AM

So what's your problem? Why are you always writing about sex?

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