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Who is negligent, doctor or the patient or patient relative

Posted by scverma on Sun, 26 Dec 2010         
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It is not only the doctor who is sometimes negligent. Well, negligence and other related things are a topic by it-self. Here, we are looking at samething with a different mirror. I have loads of experiences when I have to say-" Thank God ! we got this in time."; in situations when the patient or their relative will just not divulge a very very crucial information to the traeting doctors for patient in emergency or active medical care. One will say, How a patient or realtive know what is importan... Read More
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27 Dec 10
10:22 PM

Here I have only touched upon the willful denial of information to the doctor by the patient or patient relative.


27 Dec 10
9:41 AM

patient and their relatives are always layman to this field.its the prime duty of a doctor to explain each and every consiquance of treatment as you also might be knowing that in many of abroad country give / explain each and every consiquence to patients/relatives. further its a modern scientific period or all the letest technology are also available.doctor can very well ask all the previous history relating to every cases as required from time to time.I feel there should not be at least ANY KIND OF RESERVATION FOR MEDICAL ENTRANCE TEST :FOR GOD SHAKE: as to cultivate the cream student for medical field and it is also for our best nation/citizen.all the management quota for to get admit in medical college should also be checked out.by these point of view almost negliciency/ commercial practice in this field are very sensitive

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