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Testicular Cancer

Men get testicular cancer when the cells in the testicles, which are in the scrotum and produce sperms and testosterone, start dividing uncontrollably and abnormally. Testicular cancer happens to one man in 250, usually in his middle age. If it is caught early and treated, 90% of men go on to live normal lives.

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Identifying Genetic Factors Associated With Testicular Cancer
New study has discovered genetic and genomic characteristics that define testicular germ cell cancer, a disease that is rare but growing in incidence .....
Daily Intake of Aspirin Can Increase Risk of Certain Cancers in Men
Taking an aspirin everyday, may not necessarily keep the doctor away. Infact, men who take an aspirin once a day are at a doubled risk of melanoma, wh.....
Cisplatin Ototoxicity can be prevented by targeting a region of Cochlea
A region in the inner ear could be targeted to prevent hearing loss caused by cisplatin, a common ant-cancer drug. The findings of this study are furt.....
Why is Chemotherapy So Effective in Testicular Cancer Treatment?
Understanding the reason behind testicular cancer cells susceptibility under the chemotherapy may give new insights for treating other and more resist.....
Early Diagnosis of Testicular Cancer in Down Syndrome Patients
"Delay in Diagnosis of Testicular Cancer in a Patient with Down Syndrome" is a work published in the Journal of Cancer and Therapeutic Science,.....

Undescended Testicles | Cryptorchidism - Causes, Complications, Diagnosis, Treatment
An undescended testicle / testis is one that has not descended into the scrotal sac before birth. It can occur to just one or both the testicles... Read More
Testicular Self-Examination - How to Do - FAQs
A testicular self-examination (TSE) helps in detecting cancer of the testicles. Doctors recommend monthly self-examination of the testicles... Read More
Testicular Cancer - Risk Factors - Symptoms - Diagnosis - Staging - Treatment - Prognosis
A person with testicular cancer may have a testicle that is three times its original size. The most cited risk factor is undescended testes... Read More
Drug-Induced Neuropathy
Some drugs which are prescribed to treat disease may cause neuropathy as an adverse effect. Signs and symptoms of drug-induced neuropathy can be debilitating and permanent. Know about adverse effects of therapeutic drugs to avoid them, when possible... Read More

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