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Retinoblastoma is a cancer that develops in the retina – the light - sensitive tissue that lines the inside of the eyes. It is most common in children, and if it is treated early more that 95% of affected children live on to adulthood. The cancer is first noticed as a whiteness in the pupil, especially in photographs in which a flash is used.

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Oncogene 'MDM4' Plays a Critical Role in Cancer Cell Growth in Retinoblastoma
Retinoblastoma is a childhood retinal tumor usually affecting children one to two years of age. Although rare, it is the most common malignant tu.....
Triple-Drug Chemotherapy With Topotecan Helps Prevent Secondary Leukemia In Retinoblastoma
The front-line multi-drug chemotherapy for retinoblastoma can be modified to include topotecan. This has helped to maintain high cure rates for the ey.....
Increased Eye Cancer Risk Linked to Eye Color Pigmentation Genes
Roughly 2,500 people are diagnosed with uveal melanoma in the United States annually. New research links specific inherited genetic differences (alter.....
Chemotherapy Drug Etoposide Used During Pregnancy Affects Future Fertility Of Female Offspring
  • A woman’s reproductive lifespan is determined before birth while ovaries are developing i.....
New Promising Treatment Against Hard-to-Treat Eye Cancer
A new treatment that shows promise against hard-to-treat eye cancer has been reported by a research team led by scientists at Huntsman Cancer Institut.....

Retinoblastoma - Eye Cancer
Retinoblastoma is a rare type of cancer that mostly affects children. A whitish color seen in the eyeballs is the most common sign... Read More

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