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Cancers :
Ovarian Cancer / Cancer of Ovary

Cancer in the ovary, or ovarian cancer, happens when the cells of the ovary start multiplying uncontrollably, usually in the ovary lining or less commonly the egg cells.

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1. Which Doctor should I ideally see if I am suffering from ovarian cancer?

You should see a gynecologist and an oncologist.

2. What is the incidence of ovarian cancer?

The incidence of the disease is largely confined to postmenopausal women with 90% of cases occurring in women over 45 years of age. It is more than twice as common in women who have never had children.

3. Does the diet affect the risk of ovarian cancer?

There is some evidence that being overweight can increase your risk of ovarian cancer. Some research has suggested that beta-carotene in the diet can reduce the risk of this cancer.

4. Are there screening test for detecting ovarian cancer?

There is no reliable screening method for ovarian cancer. However, both the CA125 blood test and vaginal ultrasound are currently being tested as possible methods for ovarian cancer screening.

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