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Lung Biopsy

A Lung biopsy can be performed for various reasons, such as diagnosis of lumps that appears on chest x-rays, blood streaked sputum, wheezing and difficulty in breathing, severe pneumonia, and lung cancer and associated symptoms among others.

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New Method to Identify Cancerous DNA in Blood of Lung Cancer Patients
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Artificial Intelligence Can Reduce Lung Cancer Screening False Positives
Artificial intelligence (AI) can reduce false positive screens for lung cancer, reports a new study, The findings of the study are published in the jo.....
Mechanism of Resistance to Lung Cancer Drug Discovered
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Artificial Lung Cancer Tissue Aids in Finding New Drugs
New 3D hydrogel created by researchers in U of T Engineering Professor Molly Shoichet's lab is helping University of Ottawa researchers to rapidly scr.....
Simple Blood Test to Improve the Early Lung Cancer Detection
In mice, pre-cancerous lung tests can be analyzed using blood-based tests, revealed research led by scientists at the Medical Research Council (MRC) T.....

Lung Biopsy - Indications - Procedures - Risks - FAQs - Reference
The procedure by which tissue samples are obtained from the lung is known as lung biopsy. The biopsy tissues obtained from the lungs are examined by a pathologist. .. Read More

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