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Healthcare Industry and Policy :

The healthcare industry is always growing: there are always sick or injured people among us, and we always need doctors, nurses and paramedics. A healthcare industry shaped by a wise healthcare policy can be very effective, as shown by the increase in the average lifespan for people in prosperous countries today: from 40s in the end of the last century, to the 70s now.

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Opioid Dependency in US Peaks Among 14- and 15-Year-Old Children
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Thu, 15 Mar 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  126
Delhi - NCR Region Produces the Highest Amount of Medical Waste
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Mon, 12 Feb 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  149
Delhi Government Organizes Campaign to Deal With Air Pollution
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Mon, 12 Feb 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  140
Medical Commission of India Sends Bill to the Parliamentary Panel
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Mon, 12 Feb 2018
Posts :  1    Views:  140
Inadvertent Consequences of Integrated Sepsis Programs
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Thu, 14 Dec 2017
Posts :  1    Views:  144
Optimal Use of Combination Therapy in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients Clarified in Three New Studies
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Sun, 19 Nov 2017
Posts :  1    Views:  124
New Scientific Statement Examines Effect of Diabetes on Blood Vessels
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Sun, 19 Nov 2017
Posts :  1    Views:  101
Doctor-on-wheels a New Initiative
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Tue, 08 Aug 2017
Posts :  1    Views:  223
Opioid Prescribing Declines, But Rise in Rates of Opioid-Related Hospital Visits
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Fri, 16 Dec 2016
Posts :  1    Views:  266
Highly Stressful Jobs may Lead to Early Death
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Tue, 18 Oct 2016
Posts :  1    Views:  369
20% Hospitalized People are Discharged Before Vital Signs are Stable
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Wed, 10 Aug 2016
Posts :  1    Views:  304
Blowing Bubbles Technique may Protect Coral Reefs
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Tue, 29 Mar 2016
Posts :  2    Views:  377
Research on Yeast Cells Provides New Understanding of the Aging Process
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Sat, 09 Jan 2016
Posts :  1    Views:  353
Somalia Bans Christmas and New Year Festivities in the Muslim Majority Country
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Thu, 31 Dec 2015
Posts :  2    Views:  389
Stress Hormone Cortisol Reduces Heroin Craving by an Average of 25%
Last posted by :   medindia   on  Wed, 28 Oct 2015
Posts :  2    Views:  379

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