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Women’s health :
Breast Feeding and Problems

Nursing mothers are often stumped when it comes to their problems related to breast feeding. The predicament women face ranges from the social, work-related, to the psychological and personal.

Open up about your concerns here, and hear what other nursing mothers have to say on issues related to breast feeding. This extensive support group will give you the much-needed answers you require.


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Mothers Taking Antiepileptic Drugs can Safely Breastfeed
Antiepileptic drug (AED) exposure in infants who were breastfed by mothers with epilepsy doesnt produce any adverse effects, according to a study in <.....
Mothers Still Face Obstacles to Breastfeed at Work: Study
Despite the protections in place to support breastfeeding for employees, the burden still falls on working mothers to advocate for the resources they .....
New Moms Seeking Breast Feeding Decisions Through Apps
Infant feeding (IF) apps are providing mothers with a perception of greater control, confidence and efficiency during stressful early stages of parent.....
Breastfed Children Have A Unique Protection Against Obesity: Here's Why
Breastfed babies have a lesser chance of being affected by obesity than formula-fed ones because of the lowered expression of the hormone, leptin.
Is It ‘Safe’ to Breastfeed While on Bipolar Medication?
  • Many studies suggest that it is safe for mothers taking lithium to breastfee.....

Caring for a Premature Baby
A baby born at 37 weeks or earlier is termed premature or “preemie.” The premature baby requires special care and attention in an NICU as well as at home... Read More
Direction for Breast Feeding
Encyclopedia section of medindia explains in brief about the directions of breast feeding.. Read More

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