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Skin and Hair :
Boils / Skin Abscess

An abscess (Latin: abscessus) is a collection of pus (dead neutrophils) that has accumulated in a cavity formed by the tissue on the basis of an infectious process (usually caused by bacteria or parasites) or other foreign materials (e.g. splinters, bullet wounds, or injecting needles).


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Immunotherapy Better Than Chemotherapy for Aggressive Skin Cancer
Pembrolizumab, the Immunotherapy drug, when given as the initial treatment for patients with a rare and aggressive form of skin cancer called Merkel .....
New Sensor Shows Promise as a Skin Replacement Material
Novel sensor could lead to artificial skin that may benefit burn victims 'feel' pressure, heat, cold and vibration, reports a new study. The findings .....
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New genetic variations linked to skin color have been identified. A new study finds that the variation of light skin among Eurasian people emerged ind.....
Go the Natural Way in Choosing Skin Care Products for Your Babies
Make resolutions this new year to achieve both physical and emotional well-being for you and your little one. Adopt a safe and gentle skin care regime.....

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