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Women’s health :
Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are usually combinations of the hormones progestin and estrogen that are taken by mouth to inhibit fertility in women. A woman taking birth control pills will not become pregnant. Birth control pills are one of the most popular means of birth control.

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1. What if I forget to take the pill?

IF you forget to take the pill for a day you should take it as soon as you remember and then take the next dose at the usual time. If you forget to take the pill for more than 2 days consult your doctor for alternate contraception.

2. Do Birth Control Pills affect my fertility?

The pill does not make you less fertile. If you were fertile before using the pill, taking it should not affect your ability to have children later.

3. Does the Pill cause breast cancer?

The pill does not cause breast cancer, but can cause breast cancer to grow more rapidly if you develop it. Do monthly breast self-exams and report any unusual changes or lumps to the clinic.

4. What are my chances for future fertility?

Women who want to become pregnant may stop using the pill any time. Fertility may return immediately or after a couple of months.

5. Do I have to go off the pill often to give my body a rest?

Most pills used today are low-dose pills. It is not necessary to go off the pill every so often to give your body a rest. But you may be advised to stop the pills if you are having certain side effects due to the pills.

6. Which specialist doctor prescribes these birth control pills?

Generally it is the Gynecologist who prescribes it but your General Practitioner or GP can also give you a prescription for it.

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