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Amblyopia / Lazy Eye

Amblyopia, also called lazy eye, is reduced vision (usually in one eye) that is not due to any structural abnormality or eye disease and is not correctable by glasses or contact lens. About 2-5% of children have amblyopia, and treatment involves forcing the child to use the lazy eye.

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Asked By : Ashkhan

Asked on : 10 Sep 2012   

Hi, Recently my son who just turned 10 last month was diagnosed with Ambylopia of his right eye.He has 20/400 as his vision with -11 as his power.We have started patching of his good eye, and putting corrective lense and making the activities and some eye exercises.Few of my concerns are 1) Are we too late since he turned 10 2) How long should Occlusion or patching should be done for him.We usually do 2 - 3 hrs of aggressive Patching once he comes back from school.He doesnt wear glasses o school as his normal - left eye has 20/20 vision.Due to the huge disparity between the two eyes and it's vision, glasses were not advised. 3) Are there any specific exercises, to remove the lazy eye, or any vision therapy centers in India? Thank you for our advise.Will eagerly waiting for your response.

Asked By : Meadow

Asked on : 22 Mar 2010   

My daughter (age 4) was diagnosed in January after scoring 20/100 in her right eye on a routine screening. The Doc prescribed glasses and Atropine drops (to be used in her strong eye). I noticed, today, that her "good eye has started wandering while the weak eye stays fixed. Is this normal or a reactionto the atropine drops?

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