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AIDS/HIV - Lab Tests and FAQs

Within three months of HIV infection, the immune system develops antibodies in response to the viral entry. An HIV infection test detects the presence of these HIV antibodies.

If you require additional information on the various kinds of tests for HIV, their accuracy and speed of testing, join our support group and gather all the lowdown you need on the subject.


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Confirmatory HIV Test to Prevent Incorrect HIV Diagnosis
Confirmatory HIV testing may substantially reduce the number of false diagnoses. Many infants in South Africa have been falsely diagnose.....
Offering HIV Test at new GP Can Aid Early Diagnosis
HIV test should be done to everyone when they register with a new GP surgery. Routine HIV check up would save lives earlier, according to a study led .....
Mandatory Pre-marital HIV Tests in Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan has passed a law to make HIV tests mandatory in an effort to reduce the spread of AIDS in the country.

. The law is the close.....
Indian Doctors Urge Govt to Issue Advisory on ELISA Test
Before treating a patient for dengue, there are different types of tests that have been run through, while some of these tests give immediate results,.....
Midwives in India to be Trained to Conduct HIV Tests on Expectant Mothers
The Indian government is now planning to rope in Midwives to do HIV testing to prevent the spread of HIV from expecting mothers.

The Healt.....

Lab Test for AIDS/HIV
Describes how screening for HIV is performed in a laboratory... Read More
Screening for HIV/AIDS Infection
Efficient screening and better drugs help reduce the prevalence of HIV infection. A number of tests like ELIZA & Western Blot are used for screening HIV... Read More

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