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Lungs and Respiration :
Acute Bronchitis

Acute bronchitis is caused by the inflammation the bronchi and its ensuing complications, such as the bronchi filling up with a sticky mucus. This impedes air flow into the lungs.

Medindia’s support group on Acute Bronchitis hosts a plethora of information on the respiratory condition, its causes, symptoms and treatment.


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1. Which specialist should I see if I have Acute Bronchitis?

You should consult a General Physician or a Pulmonologist.

2. How do people get acute bronchitis?

Acute bronchitis spreads from person to person through cough droplets. The viruses that cause the infection are sprayed into the air or onto people's hands when they cough. You can catch acute bronchitis if you breathe in these viruses or touch hands coated with these viruses. Cigarette smoking or being exposed to industrial fumes can break down the body's defense against infection. People who smoke are more likely to get acute bronchitis and have it for a longer period. Remember: If you stop smoking, you are less likely to get acute bronchitis in the future.

3. What are the other problems that occur with acute bronchitis?

Sometimes the cough from acute bronchitis lasts for several weeks. Usually this happens because the bronchial tubes may take a long time to heal. Acute bronchitis can be confused with asthma. If you continue to wheeze and cough, especially at night or when you are active, you could have mild asthma. Pneumonia and acute bronchitis can sometimes cause similar symptoms. If you have a high fever, feel very sick and weak, and continue to cough, you should see your doctor. Bronchitis can also be caused by digestive acid coming up from the stomach and dripping into the lungs when you are asleep. It is indicated by continous cough and a bad-taste of fluid in the mouth. Medicines can reduce the acid in your stomach, which may help your cough to go away.

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