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“Inguinal hernia & its new operation technique-Desarda Repair”

Posted by desarda on Fri, 11 Sep 2009

Hernia disease is now generally known to common people just as appendicitis is known. When a bulge or swelling appears in the groin, every body knows that it is hernia. So bulge or swelling due to any...

“What is mesh used in hernia surgery and Dr. Desarda's No Mesh Repair”

Posted by desarda on Fri, 27 Nov 2009

Groin hernia can affect any body from his childhood to old age. We need to stitch the shirt if it is torn, like wise we have to do surgery to get relief from this disease. There is no medicine that ca...

“Different types of groin hernia operations and Dr. Desarda repair”

Posted by desarda on Sat, 07 Nov 2009

Hernia is a common disease that can affect any body from his childhood to old age. Operation is the only remedy to get relief from this disease. Patient will not mind to get operated if he is sure tha...

Hernia faq

Posted by HerniaClinik on Sat, 25 Dec 2010

Frequently asked QuestionsWell here few of the frequently asked questions are answered by us, however there may be specific questions you would like to ask to clarify things.We are happy to help you o...

Single port surgery Or One hole surgery. What is it?

Posted by elbert on Wed, 26 Jun 2013

Single port surgery is an advanced minimally invasive surgical procedure in which the surgeon operates almost exclusively through a small entry point in the abdomen, typically the patient’s navel.  A ...

Why hernia recurs again and again

Posted by desarda on Thu, 18 Jul 2013

“Why hernia re-occurs again and again” When some part of our body leaves its original place and enters in to other cavity or comes out on the body surface then we call it as a hernia formation. Operat...

“Complete cure from inguinal hernia is now possible”

Posted by desarda on Thu, 18 Jul 2013

No worry of hernia re-appearing after surgery The president of “Indian Hernia Institute” and professor of surgery in Poona Hospital & Research Centre did extensive research in groin hernia disease and...

“Why hernia re-occurs again and again”

Posted by desarda on Fri, 02 Aug 2013

In all traditionally done inguinal hernia surgeries, hernia sac is excised and a mesh is stitched on this weak spot or this hernia hole in an attempt to give protection to the weak spot and prevent re...

“What is mesh used in hernia surgery?”

Posted by desarda on Fri, 02 Aug 2013

If your surgeon tells you that he will use a piece of your shirt or any other synthetic cloth after getting it sterilized for stitching on the hernia hole then you will never agree to his proposal. No...

Hernia Repair Without Mesh As I see it - by John Appleton

Posted by desarda on Mon, 29 Aug 2016

Hernia Repair Without MeshAs I see it - by John AppletonA year ago following an extensive renovation on my house,which involved a lot of lifting heavy weights, I ended up with aninguinal hernia.A hern...

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