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Lungs and Respiration :
Tuberculosis / Pulmonary Tuberculosis / Lung Tuberculosis / TB

Tuberculosis (TB) is a common infectious and often deadly disease caused by the bacteria mycobacterium tuberculosis. When it attacks the lungs, it is called pulmonary or lung tuberculosis.

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Asked By : Jagan123

Asked on : 28 Jan 2013   

i affected Tuberclosis last feb'2012, But i had tables (R-Cinex) exactly 10 months. even after i got cold almsot 50 days. Can u suggestion on this . Presently i left the tablets

Asked By : josey123456

Asked on : 24 Jul 2011   

My dad was just diagnosed with lung tb. My parents live in Italy. My now 2 yr old daughter and I went to visit for 2 weeks in April. My dads quaranteened at the hospital and I'm freaking out. Should my daughter and I go get tested? What should we do? He's really sick and I'm scared. Please help.

Asked By : safia

Asked on : 17 May 2012   

how long tuberculosis will be cured and what are its side effects.

Asked By : joygnanaraj

Asked on : 22 Mar 2012   

Dr Doctor, 3 years back I had Fever after a month I was diagonised by a Doctor in Coimbatore as TB and I had medicine for 6 months as per doctor's advice, I was ok for almost 6 months then again I got fever with same symptoms and I was under treatment for TB for almost 1year as advised by the Doctor( Specialist in TB) in Chennai.
I was ok after that for almost one year, but three days back again I developed fever with almost same symptoms ( loss of Apetite), just having medicine for fever like crocine and some biscuits.
Dr kindly advise, aim developed TB again or what, if so how many times i have to take treatment for TB. please advise doctor.

Asked By : maneshkerala

Asked on : 04 Apr 2012   

How should AKT4 continue if skin rash appeared for 3 weaks while treating spinal TB?

Asked By : tbMan

Asked on : 11 Feb 2011   

Hi. I was diagnosed Lung TB on November 5th. Beginning: I had fever, 38C temp., lot of blood in sputum, pain while cough, I was nervous, tired, lost weight, couldnt sleep. I were in hospital 2 months, and under full therapy - RF, INH, ETH, PZA - for 2,5 months. My symptoms dissapeard, I feel great, I am home now. Doc told me to come to control in April. But, this morning I had tiny spot of blood in my sputum, for the first time after this symptom dissapeard in November. Is it normal, or I should be concerned? Thanks

Asked By : mwzafar

Asked on : 01 Nov 2010   

In a BCG Test my 13 month girl child show positive result with Induration measuring 8mm after 48 hours but in Anti Mycobacterium test, IgG the result is 70 & in IgM the result is 0.330. Does she need an Anti Tuberculosis Treatment ? What is the Doctors advice in this case?

Asked By : deepamotu

Asked on : 14 Dec 2010   

my dad has Lung TB, which was diagonised 20 days back. He has been put on antibiotics and other drugs by the physician.
Should we isolate him or what are the best ways or measures we family members should take to avoid the bacteria from sprading.
Pls advise as i have a child whose age is 6 yrs, i'm very much worried

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