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Stuttering / Stammering

Stuttering happens when the flow of speech is disrupted by sounds that are repeated or prolonged. Most children outgrow stuttering, but some need specialized help from a speech therapist. Children who stutter are as intelligent as other children, but the stuttering itself may cause them to become more anxious or shy in social situations.

Join this online support group for stuttering to learn more from therapists and other parents and find out how you can help your child.


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1. Which doctor should be consulted for stuttering?

Consult a General Practitioner (GP) who will probably refer the case to a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) after the initial examination.

2. What should I say about my Stuttering in a job interview?

You may have to prove to your employers that though you stutter you are an excellent communicator. Give some concrete examples: discuss the techniques used in your speech therapy program if you were in one; if you use an anti-stuttering device show your prospective employer how it works.

3. Is it necessary that I join a Stuttering Support Group?

Yes. If a group is not available in the vicinity, create one. It is a very valuable experience to be part of a group because many stutterers suffer thinking that they are the only ones with the disability. Talking to individuals who share a similar disadvantage helps when you are depressed or frustrated. Hearing other people in the group and sharing positive experiences will improve one’s perspective and promote a feel-good factor.

4. Assuming I’m a stuttering kid or a teenager, what do I do when people tease me?

The best thing would be to ignore them or walk away from the scene. You can practice to calmly say “So what?” without a stutter. It will probably help you to remember that stuttering does not make you less smart, less good-looking, less intelligent or less friendly. Eventually the people who tease you will get discouraged and stop teasing you if you don’t react and get upset. Never get angry and defensive because, your agitation may make matters worse by increasing your stuttering.

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