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Pre Eclampsia / Pregnancy Induced Hypertension / Toxemia

Also known as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension or Toxemia, Pre-Eclampsia is a problem that occurs during the second half of pregnancy, in about 5pct of all pregnancies. The rapidly progressive condition is characterized by high blood pressure, swelling in the limbs or face, and protein in the urine. The high blood pressure can affect the brain, kidneys, liver, and lungs.

To learn more on the gravity of pre eclampsia, join our support group and share your concerns with other women, and gain valuable advice from doctors.


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Air Pollution Boosts Pregnancy Hypertension Risk
Traffic-related air pollution was found to increase a pregnant woman's risk for hypertension, stated new report from the National Toxicology Program (.....
Pre-eclampsia Increases Risk of End Stage Kidney Disease
Pre-eclampsia during pregnancy puts women at a five-fold increased risk of end stage kidney disease (ESKD) later in life, stated research published th.....
Simple Blood Test Can Diagnose Pre-eclampsia Faster and Accurately
Pre-eclampsia is the most common complication that occurs during pregnancy. However, a simple blood test can help doctors to diagnose pre-eclampsia mu.....
Your Daughter May Have Fertility Issues Later On If You Smoke Or Have Pre-Eclampsia
Low oxygen conditions in the uterus during pregnancy can cause fertility problem for your baby girl later on in life, finds a new study. The results o.....
High Dose Folic Acid Does Not Prevent Pre-eclampsia in High Risk Women, Finds Study
Extra folic acid taken beyond first trimester of pregnancy doesn't prevent pre-eclampsia, revealed study published in The BMJ.


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