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Childbirth is a process by which the baby inside the womb adjusts itself to its surroundings and passes out of the uterus to be born. Adequate and appropriate care taken during the antenatal period reflects on the conduct and outcome of labor.

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Asked By : Rekha1969

Asked on : 20 Dec 2010   

A healthy lady age of 38 yrs having the previous history of three well healthy normal delivery was admitted in a government hospital for the purpose of normal delivery on 8th of Apr early morning at 8.15 am as to being E.D.D. on 8th Apr,simultanously I, want to describe too that during previous all anti natal check up during past 09 months stands excellent in all the respect including pathologically as well as ultrasonography of uterus also.Now being admitted in renowned (Large beded) government hospital of India the uterus of lady was ruputred on 10th of Apr at about 12.45 pm during working hours of the hospital,the lady fall in hypvolumic shock due to severe bleeding ,newborn baby died and lady came to COMA.please clear my doubt what reason behind of this. weather Negligiency of doctor or some other reason or naturally

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