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Heart, Blood and Circulatory System :
Hypertension / High Blood Pressure

Hypertension also referred to as high blood pressure, HTN or HPN, is a medical condition in which the blood pressure is chronically elevated.


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Asked By : Elizabe

Asked on : 26 Nov 2012   

According to your charts,

Average Blood Pressure
For young people 120/80 mmHg
For old people 140/90 mmHg

I am taking a generic Amlodipine 5 mgs a day in the morning, and I think my bp is now more or less 135-80-75.

Should I take more Amlodipine or even more medicines to bring it down further, is that advisable?


Asked By : kasturiksh

Asked on : 30 Oct 2012   

my brother had low bp 8 years back now he is not checked his bp.sometimes he gets giddiness suddenly especially when he gets severe cold and cough.he has headache every three days and nerve of the right side of his head get swelling every ones in three days.pls suggest me home remedy for that and exercise

Asked By : ripsy

Asked on : 22 Oct 2012   

my hubbys work is quite stressful wholeday standing work some times due to work pressure his bp goes little up and becoz of standing work he has pain in legs can suggest me some home remedies to cure him thanks.

Asked By : agdesai

Asked on : 20 Oct 2012   

My BP was 160/100,when physician prescribed Espin-2.5mg and Atenij 25mg once per day in the morning since sept.2011.

BP is monitored and is now at 130/80-85mm Hg.Now on checking PSA it is observed 8.68 and free PSA 2.35.Urologist prescribed to take Silodisin 8 capsule,one at night and Dutasteride 0.5mg one in the morning for one month.I don't have urination problem,but frequency is high as my water intake is high.Dr.said the prostate enlargement is external and it will contract.It's size is 55.7gm as per Sonography at my age 74.
I would like to know whether my BP drugs have any interactions with these capsules?
I am also advised Folimax Plus -30 tablets for a month,which i am not taking now as I do take Supradyn one/day.
Kindly advise based on any side effects/interaction of these drugs.
Thanking you.

Asked By : shabbirma

Asked on : 12 Jul 2012   

i am 45 yrs old, and having B.P BETWEEN 130/80 to 150/90 from last 3 month. kindly suggest me whether i have to start medicine for BP of 2.5 mg or i have to wait some time to watch and work to reduce stretch.

Asked By : FrogS

Asked on : 12 May 2012   

I vomited shortly after taking my blood pressure medicine. Later that day, I asked a nurse at work to check my blood pressure. It was 210/120. Should I take my medicine again if I vomit? How do I know if I am taking too much? I couldnt tell if i threw up my medication or not.

Asked By : nipun1988

Asked on : 03 Apr 2012   

My age is 23 years. I do have high BP sometimes and heart beat measure is 91b/m which is not a Normal status heartbeats.
I want to know about " Arjuna Rasayana " for the same as a protective measure. As we know ayurvedic medicines are not gud in tastes, Will Arjuna Rasayana also find to be worst in taste ?


Asked on : 01 Mar 2012   

why anti-hypertensive oral drugs are advised to be taken after food?

Asked By : chandra55602

Asked on : 26 Jan 2012   

I am of 57 and first time diagnosed BP 160/100 and just started peridoprilerbumine 4 mg as per advice of my Doctor. I have wt of 72 Kg. Please suggest me how I can get rid of the teblets. As doctor says it is for your life time.

Asked By : TaniT

Asked on : 31 Jan 2012   

I have been having problems with high blood pressure for a while now. My doctor put me on a low dose diuretic which has lowered it a few points. My issue is that the longer I sit the higher my blood pressure goes. Once I get up and moving around or lay down it seems to bring my blood pressure back down. I am a computer programmer and I sit all day writing code. Could I somehow be effecting renin excretion by sitting? Or something else? I also have sinus tachycardia my resting heart rate averages at about 110.

As an example I have been sitting for an hour now and my bp is 149/73

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