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Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 12 Apr 2011   

Can I get pregnant after weight loss surgery?

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 12 Apr 2011   

Are there age restrictions to perform a bariatric surgery?

Asked By : BRO_GREAT

Asked on : 01 Mar 2011   

My younger brother who is of 8 years is very short in height. He is only 3 feet, 8 inches & weighs around 22 kg. In his class, he is the among the shortest one.

Today, when I came home after the holidays & took him in my arms, I found him lighter than before. I went to get his weight measured, it was just a little above 22kg.

A few months before, he got ill. We had taken him to the doctor, the doctor said that he is normal but I don't think, I believe that his height should be around 4'2" & weight should be above 25kg.

I had read on internet that a child attains 75% of his height by 8 years. According to this, he will be just 5'3" by 18 years. Isn't that bad?

Many guys say that after 12-13 years, his height will accelerate. Is that true?

I don't know, what to do? He takes all his meals properly but still there is no change in body, WHY? I cannot figure it out. Where the nutrition's are going?

I had heard that height is entirely hereditary, I had attained my height of 5'8" by 14 or 15 years & at his age, I was a lot taller. So, why there is such a difference between me & him?

So, what to do; I am really worried about my brother.

Asked By : pooja9

Asked on : 28 Mar 2011   

i was taking obirax earlier after taking for some time i stoped it then after that my weight is stuck and iam not able to reduice even after taking right died and regular workout of 1 hour in gym so pl suggest

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 26 Mar 2011   

what happens if we take tryptomer 250 mg (ten 25mg tablets) at a time

Asked By : mathewjoseph

Asked on : 19 Mar 2011   

date friut provide sugar? 100 gram eating daily ??

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 07 Mar 2011   

sir, during my college days i get habitual to corex proxyvon and carisoma now i am unable to quit it pl sugest me how can i overcome from this situation

Asked By : nagalaxmi

Asked on : 21 Feb 2011   

now a days am very much intrested to take overdose of medicines which are not prescribed to me.i don't know the reason for this. but i am getting disturbed and not able to concentrate on anything.please tell me why i am feeling like this and what should i do to this

Asked By : Tomer

Asked on : 23 Aug 2010   

Dear All,

I am looking For a Materia Medica of Monographs on the Flora of India.
I am looking An up-to-date one and one that is the most comprehensive.
online sources are also good if possible,
can you help ?

Asked By : pharmacistrahul

Asked on : 24 Dec 2010   

is drug licencse required to sell glucometer and glucostrips?

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