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Infectious Diseases :

Filaria is a parasitic worm, usually spread by mosquitoes, which causes the disease filariasis.

This online group on filariasis will help you meet doctors and others who are interested in this disease or suffer from it.


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Non-infectious Form of Elephantiasis Prevalent in Central Africa
The prevalence of podoconiosis, a non-filarial form of elephantiasis was assessed in Cameroon, a country in Central Africa due to insufficient .....
Action Plan Prepared to Eliminate Kala-Azar, Filariasis by 2017
While presenting the General Budget 2017-18 in Parliament, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the government has prepared an action plan to.....
Eliminating Elephantiasis by 2020
  • New model of therapy for elephantiasis using three drugs developed.
  • A comb.....
Lymphatic Filariasis Successfully Eradicated in Maldives and Sri Lanka:WHO
In the South-East Asia Region, the World Health Organization has been focusing on eradicating neglected tropical diseases (NDTs). Now, it has come lit.....
33 of Bihar's 38 Districts Affected by Deadly Parasitic Disease 'Kala Azar': MSF
A very deadly parasitic disease known as Kala azar, transmitted by the tiny sand fly, has affected thousands from the poorest sections of society in 3.....

Top 10 Plants that Repel Mosquitoes Naturally
Growing mosquito repellent plants, helps in naturally protecting the area from mosquitoes and pests, thereby reducing incidence of mosquito-borne diseases. .. Read More
Papaya Leaves’ Juice to Increase Platelets in Dengue
Carica papaya leaves juice or extract increases platelet counts in cases of dengue fever. Papaya leaves protect the bone marrow... Read More
About Mosquito Diseases
Mosquito-borne diseases, like malaria, filaria, dengue, etc are common in places conducive of mosquito breeding. Swamps, ponds and stagnated drainage provide optimal breeding ground for mosquitoes... Read More
Malaria - Protection Strategies
Malaria is a dangerous disease with lethal consequences that requires protective measures for prevention and control of malaria in endemic regions of the world... Read More
Vector-Borne Diseases | Insect-Borne Diseases | Bug-Borne Diseases
Vector-borne diseases are infectious diseases or illness transmitted through insects such as mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks, and bugs. Vectors can be either biological carriers or mechanical carriers... Read More
Hydrocele is a collection of fluid around the testicle and usually causes no symptoms.. Read More
Filariasis - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment , FAQs
Filariasis is a parasitic disease transmitted by blood -feeding arthropods, mainly black flies and mosquitoes... Read More

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