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Lungs and Respiration :

Otherwise called the 'Strangling Angel of Children', diphtheria was for long a dreaded yet common childhood illness. In fact, until a few centuries back in New England, it was solely responsible for 80pct of the deaths of children under 10 years. Eventhough vaccines have been developed, poor public health measures have caused the re-emergence of the disease.

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1. Is diphtheria contagious?

Yes. It is highly contagious and spreads via direct contact with the infected person or through fomites.

2. Is diphtheria completely curable?

Yes. Diphtheria is completely curable if it is detected in the early stage of infection.

3. Where is diphtheria commonly found?

Diphtheria is commonly found in many parts of the world like the Caribbean and Latin America, Algeria, China, and Ecuador. Diphtheria bacteria live in the mouth, nose, throat, or skin of infected persons.

4. Which Doctor should I ideally see if I am suffering from Diphtheria?

You should see a specialist doctor of Infectious Diseases.

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