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Vision Center :
Corneal Ulcer

A corneal ulcer is an open sore in the cornea; and tissue loss because of inflammation produces an ulcer. The ulcer can either be located in the centre of the cornea and greatly affect vision or be placed in the periphery and not affect it so much.

Medindia’s support group hosts all the information you will require on corneal ulcers and their treatment.


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1. How will Vitamin A deficiency cause corneal ulcers?

Vitamin A deficiency causes corneal swelling and reduced sensitivity leading to unhealthy cornea which results in corneal ulcers.

2. How will corneal ulcer cause cataract?

If a perforation occurs due to a corneal ulcer, opposite to the pupil, the lens remains in contact with the ulcer, this result in loss of transparency of the lens. Over a period of time resulting in cataract.

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