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Heart, Blood and Circulatory System :
Congenital Heart Disease – Septal Defects

Congenital heart disease is a defect in the heart that a baby is born with. The defect may be in the structure of the heart and affect the way blood flows or there may be problems with heart rhythm. Today sophisticated surgery can correct many congenital heart diseases, but it remains one of the leading causes of birth defect-related deaths in babies.

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Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 09 Aug 2011   

My daughter is suffering from (Congenital Acyonotic Heart Disease, SDS, Significant RV/RV overload, No significant pulmonary hypertension, 2 AV Valves normal, 2 Ventricals, RV is dilated, Good biventicular function, NRGA, No PS/PH, Left arch no coarctaion). It was detected at the age of 6 months. Now her age is 3 1/2 years and the weight is 10 kgs. The Pediatric Cardiologist, who suggested to take 2D Echo for every 6 months saying that at present and in future no need of operation, as there will be no problem of this.. but the growth of baby is completely abnormal and all the time she looks very weak and suffers from all infections. You are requesting pl advise whether to operate her or not necessary ?? if not what will be reason for her weakness and abnormal growth...

Asked By : UmaKanna

Asked on : 27 Jul 2010   

Hi Experts,

Please let me know the brief about "Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome", How it will Occur? What would be the Causes?
How to prevent? How to save the new born babbies from this? How to detect, if baby is inside? Pls give some hospital names who hase done succesful surgeries in India? What would be the diagnosis procedure?

Thanks & Regards,

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