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Club Foot / Talipes / Talipes Equinovarus

Club foot or talipes, or talipes equinovarus is a congenital abnormality of the foot in which the foot is turned inward, and sometimes the ankle is turned down where the sole of the foot should be. The condition is not painful, but can cause difficulty in walking and discomfort as the child grows.

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1. Which doctor should I see for clubfoot?

You should see a orthopedic surgeon. Physiotherapy also has a role in treating club foot

2. What happens if the clubfoot is left untreated?

If clubfoot is left untreated, the childs foot will be automatically turned inwards and the child could not be able to place his foot flat on the ground and finds difficult to walk.

3. How long should the treatment continue?

There are chances for the deformity to relapse even though it is corrected. So the child needs continuous check up and treatment through out his growing age.

4. Can surgery be done immediately to the newborn baby, as soon as the clubfoot is detected?

No, surgery is done, only when the conservative treatment fails for the child. The child should be of sufficient size so that the structures like bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles can be identified, during surgery for correction. The right age for surgery is six months of age and above.

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